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The Boston Bruins have given the NHL so much this season, from shattered records to David Pastrnak‘s wardrobe. As the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs arrive, they’ve given us something else: a time machine.

Most of us weren’t around when the Montreal Canadiens made the Stanley Cup Final every year in the 1950s, hoisting the chalice six times. I imagine the vibe at the start of every postseason was less “who will win the Cup?” than “can anyone not named the Montreal Canadiens win the Cup?”

This Bruins team shares that vibe. Every bracket, every pundit, every prognostication boils down to “will the team that set new records for regular-season success fall short of winning the Stanley Cup; and if so, at which team’s hand?”

Wonder no more. Here is how the Stanley Cup playoffs will play out, from the opening round through the last game of the Final … including the last loss of the Bruins’ season.

I apologize in advance for spoiling the next two months for you, as obviously all of this is going to happen exactly to script and none of these picks will be incorrect.

(Note: While some action from Monday night is referenced, all the picks were made before the start of the postseason.)

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Wyshynski’s picks for every series in 2023 NHL playoffs