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Max Verstappen could lose pole position at the Austrian GP after being summoned to see the stewards after qualifying.

Verstappen allegedly impeded Haas driver Kevin Magnussen on the exit of Turn 1 during the first part of qualifying.

The usual penalty for such an incident would be a three-place grid drop, which would promote Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz to an all-Ferrari front row and Lando Norris to third.

Magnussen radioed his team shortly after the incident to say, “Max Verstappen was completely in the way.”

Verstappen also radioed his engineer to ask, “He was on a fast lap?” in reference to Magnussen being behind.

It is the responsibility of both the driver and team to ensure they do not end up blocking competitors on a fast lap during qualifying.

Verstappen was summoned at 8 p.m. local time along with Red Bull’s team manager Jonathan Wheatley.

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Max Verstappen could lose Austria pole position for impeding