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Formula One teams will test a bolt-on wheel cover aimed at reducing spray in wet conditions next week.

Mercedes and McLaren will test the device at Silverstone on Thursday next week after the tyre tests which follow Sunday’s British Grand Prix.

F1 cars currently throw out a huge amount of spray in the wet due to their designs, which has created situations where the governing FIA’s event stewards are reluctant to start or restart races, or allow them to continue, in heavy rain.

There have been notable examples, such as the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix, where two laps were completed behind the Safety Car before the race was cut short due to the conditions being too bad.

The start of last year’s Monaco Grand Prix was delayed due to a rainstorm before the event, while the Japanese Grand Prix had a long red-flag period after two laps behind a Safety Car.

Mercedes and McLaren will test the effectiveness of the new device and whether they create complicated when it comes to changing tyres at a pit stop.

Safety in wet conditions resurfaced as a talking point last week when Formula Regional driver Dilano van ‘t Hoff was killed in a collision at Spa-Francorchamps in heavy rain.

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F1 to test rain guards at Silverstone to improve wet-weather running