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Major League Baseball is getting everyone excited about the stolen base by adjusting its rules, but this hardly means fantasy managers should simply go with the same old speedsters from last season. Miami Marlins 2B/3B Jon Berti and Baltimore Orioles SS Jorge Mateo led their respective leagues in the category last season. Neither is likely to do so again. In fact, there is hardly a guarantee these fellows play all that much again, and as a result, they make for poor fantasy investments.

My annual “Do Not Draft” list for fantasy baseball always comes with the important — yet often overlooked — caveat that we are talking about a player’s value in comparison to my actual thoughts on his likely statistical output — and we use average draft position to sort out the value. If you think Player X has 10th-round value but is going in Round 5, then — voila! — do not draft him there. Try to wait. In the case of Berti and Mateo, however, I’m not sure they are worth drafting at all.

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Karabell’s 2023 ‘Do Not Draft’ list