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Ferrari has unveiled its new upgrades for the Spanish Grand Prix, which includes sidepods like the dominant Red Bull car.

As many other teams have since the beginning of last season, when a new set of technical rules came in, Ferrari’s new batch of upgrades shows a clear move towards the Red Bull concept.

While the air inlet remains the same, the rest of the sidepod looks very similar to the Red Bull RB19.

Ferrari’s new-look car also sees a move away from the bathtub-style central section it has carried since the start of 2022.

Red Bull has won all six races this season and some are predicting the team could go unbeaten.

As is common in F1, rival teams are beginning to converge their own cars around the lead design.

Ferrari has also brought a tweaked rear wing, specific to the Circuit de Catalunya.

Ahead of his home race, Carlos Sainz praised the team for how quickly they have brought the new parts to the track.

“I think I cannot complain about the package we’re bringing here,” Sainz said on Thursday. “You cannot imagine the effort Maranello has done in trying to bring this package forward.

“It was supposed to come a lot later in the season and the whole factory was just flat out these last few months because of the situation to try and bring it earlier.”

Last week at the Monaco Grand Prix rivals Mercedes also introduced a big upgrade which included new sidepods – previously the team had gone with a unique zero-sidepod approach, but that was abandoned after a slow start to the season.

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Ferrari unveils Red Bull-style sidepods in new upgrade package