Though recent No. 1 overall pick Victor Wembanyama has only been in the United States for a week, his schedule has been jam-packed.

From getting the red carpet treatment in New York City to a hero’s welcome in his new home state of Texas, here’s everything the French star did in his welcome week stateside:

Tuesday: Throws out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium

There are few venues in sports where the lights shine brighter than Yankee Stadium. Wembanyama began his week in the United States under those very lights, tossing the ceremonial first pitch for the New York Yankees‘ tilt against the Seattle Mariners. Though his offering was (unsurprisingly) a tad off the mark, the wild pitch didn’t damper the young Frenchman’s mood, who stayed smiling throughout the night.

Wednesday: Media tour in the city continues

There wasn’t a paper or show in New York that didn’t want to grab a quote from Wembanyama during his brief time in the Big Apple. Perhaps most notable of Wembanyama’s various appearances in the media throughout the week was a pre-recorded interview that aired on Wednesday’s edition of Good Morning America. He also held court at a customary pre-draft media availability and made an appearance on JJ Reddick’s The Old Man and The Three podcast.

Thursday: The draft

After months of hype, what had long seemed like a foregone conclusion happened: Wembanyama was selected No. 1 overall by the San Antonio Spurs, with the process appearing more ceremonial than dramatic. But the moment was sizable despite the lack of traditional draft night tension, as a crowd filled with fans holding up their phones to capture the moment gave the league’s new star his due to the tune of resounding cheers.

Friday: Arrives in San Antonio

After draft night ended, Wembanyama’s week didn’t slow down. Arriving early Friday morning in the brutal San Antonio sun (some fans attending his arrival even sported umbrellas to protect themselves from the heat, which peaked in the triple digits Friday), Wembanyama was given his first taste of his new city. That taste was as much literal as it was metaphorical – one of the first things Wembanyama received upon arrival was a bag of breakfast tacos.

Saturday: Official unveiling to Spurs fans

Though Wembanyama got his first taste of San Antonio fans immediately after getting off the plane on Friday, his official introduction didn’t come until Saturday. The cheers would continue at Arneson River Theatre, as the Spurs held an celebratory event to welcome both Wembanyama and fellow rookie Sidy Cissoko to the organization.

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Victor Wembanyama’s jam-packed welcome week