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After watching Houston volleyball star Kate Georgiades crash into a table to keep a rally going in her team’s win over South Dakota in the NCAA tournament, UCLA Bruins coach Mick Cronin decided to offer her a job.

Georgiades, the American Athletic Conference libero of the year in 2021, went viral on Friday night after a clip showed her risking injury by leaping over a table to get the save for her before she jumped back into the play to get another save and help the Cougars score a point.

Following his team’s 65-56 win over Oregon on Sunday, Cronin said Georgiades could have a grad assistant role on his staff if she “ever wants to help coach basketball.”

Prior to Saturday’s practice, Cronin showed the clip to his team. He highlighted her effort in her team’s win over South Dakota on Friday as an example he wants his players to follow.

“I’ve got guys who won’t take a charge,” Cronin said. “She’s all out Pete Rose. All out on that table. It’s the best play I’ve ever seen. In any sport.”

Georgiades has been a standout for Houston after transferring from TCU after her freshman year. Houston, a 5-seed this year, beat Auburn on Saturday to advance to the NCAA regionals, where the Cougars will face top-seed Stanford on Thursday.

Cronin said Georgiades’ play should win an ESPY.

“Not only did she do it, she got up and finished the play,” Cronin said.

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UCLA head coach Mick Cronin offers viral Houston volleyball player a job