Each Thursday during the 2023 MLB season, we will have a trio of baseball trivia questions for you to mull over. It’s a break from the norm in our fantasy baseball coverage, and we hope you will take part and enjoy every week.

We’ve got streaks on the brain for this week, as the Tampa Bay Rays have started the season with 12 consecutive wins in convincing fashion. That got us remembering some other streaks, of the winning and losing variety, from seasons both recent and a bit more remotely in the past.

So, as always, in the spirit of fun, we offer up to you our weekly Thursday Trivia. Three questions are before you. Three answers are required. We’re on the honor system here, so please no searching the internet for the answers. You just might be surprised at how much you actually remember!

Question 1

In 2017, Cleveland won 22 straight games between Aug. 24 and Sept. 14, before Kansas City ended its incredible run with a 4-3 win. What pitcher earned his first career save that night, striking out the side after giving up a single to start the ninth?

Question 2

Just last season, the Seattle Mariners won 14 consecutive contests from July 2-17, hitting at least one home run in each of those games. (They would actually go on to hit homers in 20 straight games.) What player hit a late-inning, game-tying, pinch-hit home run on July 2 to help kickstart that run of good fortune? It would prove to be his only homer of the season and he would no longer be on the team by the time this streak came to an end.

Question 3

The 1988 Baltimore Orioles lost their first 21 games of the season, before besting the Chicago White Sox 9-0 on April 29 to end their historic slide. What future Cy Young winner served up a first-inning home run to Eddie Murray that helped the Birds finally enter the win column?

Take your time and think about your answers, and when you’re ready to see if you’re right, click here.

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