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Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior testified Tuesday against a Mallorca fan accused of racially insulting him at a LaLiga game, saying he will not accept an apology.

Vinicius provided testimony to a judge analysing evidence against the fan accused of directing a racial slur at the Brazil forward in a match against Mallorca in February.

Through a video conference, Vinicius told the judge he was offended by the insults and that they happened at other matches, too. According to the player’s staff, Vinicius said he won’t accept an apology and wants the Mallorca fan to be fully punished.

The fan, who has not been identified publicly, was in court and also testified. Local media images showed him covering his face while leaving the court in Palma, the main city on the island of Mallorca. According to the Ultima Hora newspaper, the 20-year-old fan apologised.

He was also being accused of using racist slurs against Villarreal midfielder Samu Chukwueze in another league match. Chukwueze, who is Nigerian, and Vinicius are Black.

Spain’s anti-violence commission had already fined the fan €4,000 ($4,300) and handed him a one-year ban from stadiums. Mallorca revoked his club membership for three years.

The 22-year-old Vinicius has been subjected to insults since arriving in Spain five years ago. LaLiga, which was among the accusing parties against the Mallorca fan, has filed several formal complaints to authorities over insults against the Brazilian, with some of them being shelved.

The league recently increased the number of monitors at matches to identify perpetrators when Vinicius plays, and the attacks against the Brazilian have increased after he began celebrating his goals by dancing.

Authorities have yet to find those responsible for hanging a Vinicius’ effigy from a bridge in Madrid before the derby against Atletico earlier this year.

Valladolid recently suspended 12 season ticket holders while investigating alleged verbal abuse of Vinicius.

The first trial against a fan who racially insulted a player in Spain is expected to begin this year following remarks by an Espanyol supporter against Athletic Bilbao forward Inaki Williams.

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Real Madrid’s Vinicius testifies at LaLiga racism inquiry