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OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was contrite Friday about sending a vulgar response to a fan five days ago and believes he has learned from his mistake.

“I apologize if I hurt feelings out there,” Jackson said in addressing reporters for the first time since the incident.

After the Ravens were upset at Jacksonville 28-27 on Sunday, a Twitter used tagged Jackson in a tweet that read: “someone asking for over $250 million guaranteed like [Jackson] … games like this should not come down to [kicker] Justin Tucker.”

Jackson snapped back shortly afterward with a profane reply.

On Friday, Jackson explained that he was angered by the loss and that tweet was the first post that he read on social media.

“I had just busted my behind – my whole team, the coaches did – that’s what I seen. I just reacted to it,” Jackson said. “My bad. My bad.”

Jackson acknowledged he didn’t think about how his profanity-filled response would reflect on the Ravens organization.

“I was bitter,” Jackson said. “I feel like you should be bitter after a loss. No smiles. I feel like the fans should be mad we lost, too. But not mad at us. We tried.”

Jackson’s tweet was deleted after 3 1/2 hours. His girlfriend suggested that he remove the post, according to Jackson.

Jackson did not reach out to the Twitter user to apologize. He did, however, see that the fan later posted that he “loved” Jackson. The Twitter user has since changed his account to private.

“I love him, too,” Jackson said. “I do. I’m not mad at him.”

Jackson, 25, has become the face of the Ravens franchise and one of the most popular players in the NFL in his five NFL seasons. A unanimous NFL MVP in 2019, Jackson has a 44-16 record (.733) since becoming Baltimore’s starting quarterback midway through the 2018 season, which ranks only behind Patrick Mahomes (49-14) during that span.

Asked what he would take away from this experience, Jackson replied, “Don’t say nothing on Twitter. Don’t say what I said. We got kids watching. I don’t need kids saying that. I’ll try to stay off Twitter, if anything, is something like that happens again. Hopefully, we’re not losing no more.”

Jackson will start Sunday when the AFC-North leading Ravens (7-4) play host to the Denver Broncos (3-8) after getting kneed in his quadriceps in last Sunday’s loss. He was limited Wednesday before having full practices the past two days.

“I’m good now though,” Jackson said.

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Ravens’ Lamar Jackson apologizes for vulgar reply to fan tweet