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It’s time for something a little fun. We’re going to come up with one thing every team should do this offseason. We’ve already seen some important transactions: The Dodgers re-signed Clayton Kershaw, the Mariners acquired Teoscar Hernandez from the Blue Jays and the Angels signed Tyler Anderson. We’ll still make a move for those teams.

We have three rules for this little exercise, however, that make it a bit different:

  1. We can use a player only once. A lot of teams are interested in Trea Turner. We can pick one.

  2. No re-signing of free agents. Aaron Judge, for example, will not re-sign with the Yankees, even if that is clearly the one thing the Yankees should do.

  3. Each team can be used only once. We can’t have a team signing a free agent and then also making a trade.

That second rule might seem like a silly guideline, but history suggests Judge — or any of the other high-priced free agents, for that matter — is unlikely to return to the same team. Cot’s Baseball Contracts lists 117 contracts of $100 million in total value in major league history. (Actually, I think it should be 116, as Jose Ramirez is listed twice.)

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MLB 2022-23 Free Agency – Offseason moves for all 30 teams