could serve as the poster child for fighters who fail to
disclose injuries or illness prior to their fights.

Latifi was suspended three months by the Nevada State Athletic
Commission on Wednesday for failing to disclose that he had a staph
infection ahead of a UFC Fight Night 211 bout against Alexey
on Oct. 1. Latifi revealed the illness in a post-fight
interview following a unanimous decision triumph over Oleynik.

“Even this week, my leg is swollen. I didn’t even tell my coaches,
but I got a staph infection two days ago,” Latifi said in the cage.
“As you can see, my leg is all swollen. It’s an amazing sport, but
the margins are so small. You put in so much work, and this thing
happens the last day. Today, actually when I woke up, my leg was
swollen. I was like, ‘I can’t cancel again.’ So I had to fight like
this with a fever and a staph infection. That’s part of being a

The NSAC stated that the ruling will set a precedent for athletes
who don’t dislose existing injuries or illnesses ahead of their
fights, as suspensions and fines may be increased depending upon
the circumstances. However, the information revealed on pre-fight
medical forms will still remain private.

Latifi will be eligible to compete again on Jan. 1 and must submit
a clean medical exam ahead of his next fight in Nevada.

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Ilir Latifi Suspended 3 Months for Failing to Disclose Staph Infection Prior to UFC Bout

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