wasn’t sure the scorecards were going to go her way
following a hard-fought bout against Kana
in the Bellator
co-main event.

Ultimately, Macfarlane emerged with a split-decision triumph, her
second consecutive victory within the California-based promotion.
“The Ilimanator” came away impressed with her opponent, even though
winning on the scorecards wasn’t especially satisfying.

“Her control was so good on the ground. We were prepared for her
judo sweeps and everything. We prepared that as soon as it hit the
ground, we’d have to scramble. She wasn’t giving me any space,”
Macfarlane said at the post-fight press conference. “I honestly
thought I lost, but I always think that in the fights that go to a
decision because I’m so used to finishing, that when it goes to a
decision I consider it a loss.”

In a closely-contested bout, neither fighter was able to gain a
clear advantage. Macfarlane believes her fight is a clear example
of how Bellator’s flyweight division has improved since its

“I think that this is a testament to how the division has grown,”
she said. “This is a good thing. It’s harder for me to get the
finish, but that just shows how deep our division is getting and
how high-level these women are. Now, I have to be a little bit more
tactical and strategic than go for the finish and possibly lose the

While the victory is expected to set up a title bout with friend
and training partner Liz
down the road, Macfarlane would like to see Bellator
go the tournament route with its women’s flyweight division. If
that dream was realized, the Hawaiian would consider putting off
her impending retirement by a few more fights.

“We haven’t done a women’s Grand Prix in any division, and the
flyweight division is the way to go. I’ve been calling for one
since 2019. Every flyweight fight this weekend has been badass. I
would be down; a million dollars is pretty sweet. Uncle Scott —
let’s do a Grand Prix! I’ve been thinking about retirement more
seriously lately because I wanted to start a family. But, a million
dollars [would be] pretty cool. So, I could push back baby-making
for a little bit.”

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Ilima-Lei Macfarlane Willing to Postpone Retirement for Flyweight Grand Prix