Middleweight Sedriques
will carry a 7-0 professional mixed martial arts record
into his
Ultimate Fighting Championship
debut on Saturday in Las Vegas,
where he clashes with Josh Fremd
UFC Fight Night 221
. The 27-year-old Floridian signed with the
UFC in 2022 after a 47-second submission win over Matej Penaz
Dana White’s Contender Series

Dumas’ fight in front of UFC President Dana White took place on
Aug. 30, less than two months after a previously unreported
altercation involving the fighter spilled out of the Seville
Quarter—a bar in Pensacola, Florida. According to a Pensacola
Police Department report filed on July 3, which was obtained by
Sherdog.com, Dumas allegedly struck Alyssa Lewis, a 21-year-old
woman, in the face during an incident that unfolded across several
blocks of downtown Pensacola.

The case was closed days later without arrests being made. However,
eyewitness accounts and a Mirandized interview with Dumas convey a
harrowing scene. As described in the police report, officers
responded to Dumas’ residence later that evening and took him into
custody. The police searched his residence and his girlfriend’s
vehicle for a firearm, but did not find a weapon. Dumas confirmed
he was involved in a brawl and claimed it was started by Lewis, a
group of women she was with and her boyfriend, Ethan Holland. An
independent witness told police that Dumas initiated the melee.

Lewis told police and Sherdog.com that a verbal argument and a
brief shoving match between her and her friends and Dumas and his
friends occurred after the fighter made an unprovoked remark toward
a pregnant woman in her group. Dumas confirmed to police that he
made a comment about a girl being pregnant in the bar and said
Lewis was upset, walked up to him and began kicking him. Dumas
claimed he pushed Lewis away, which is when Holland grabbed

According to the police report, employees at the bar separated the
parties and escorted them outside, where Pensacola police officers
stood by to assist in dispersing the groups. Lewis stated that
after they were separated, Dumas and his friends attacked the
victim’s boyfriend a short distance away from the building as they
were leaving. Police checked Dumas for warrants and searched him
for weapons at the scene, but others involved departed before
providing information.

Minutes later, after receiving a report that Dumas had pulled a
pistol, officers responded to another altercation between the
groups a couple blocks from the bar. When officers arrived at the
scene, Holland had a visible injury to his face and was bleeding
from his mouth. Lewis was also injured around her face.

Holland and Lewis told police that Dumas, wearing red shorts and a
black shirt, approached them with a handgun and began to fight
Holland. Lewis claimed that Dumas brandished a firearm and said she
feared he was going to shoot someone, so she struck him, and that
he responded by pistol whipping her.

A witness in Lewis’ group told officers that Dumas struck Lewis in
the face. Lewis claims that she received four stitches and suffered
a large contusion to her left eye after being struck by Dumas. She
provided photos of her injuries to Sherdog.com, which is not
publishing the images due to the nature of the facial trauma.

Prior to publication Sherdog attempted to contact Dumas’ management
team, First Round Management, as well as the UFC, but did not
receive a response from either.

Before Dumas appeared on DWCS, Lewis’s father, Rob Lewis, sent a
social media post to the UFC President:

“Dana White there’s a fighter out of Pensacola named Dumas who is
fighting August 30 in your contender season six event. He punched
my 98-pound daughter in the face at a bar in Pensacola Saturday
night — get him off the card! We fully intend to be at the event
with posters and flyers, if he fights.”

However, Lewis told Sherdog that they did not attend the event.

Dumas’ adult criminal history dates back in January 2014 when he
was arrested for shoplifting. The charges were not pursued. He was
arrested again in September 2015 for aggravated assault with a
deadly weapon without intent to kill and trespassing on school
property with a weapon or firearm. The prosecution agreed to
dismiss the charges and plea it down to possession of a weapon or
ammunition by a Florida delinquent adult. Dumas’ run-ins with the
police continued in January 2016, when he was arrested for
resisting arrest and obstruction without violence. He was later
found guilty and sentenced to abide by court restrictions.

That same year, in December, Dumas was arrested for domestic
battery. The police report states that Dumas assaulted a woman
identified as the mother of his child, who lived with him at the
time. The victim sustained a minor injury to her eye. He was found
guilty on the charge and issued one-year probation, had to pay
court costs and had to complete domestic violence intervention
classes. A no-contact order with the victim was issued, and Dumas
was subjected to drug and alcohol testing. A month later, he was
arrested for loitering or prowling and was once again convicted and
sentenced to abide by court restrictions.

In March 2017, Dumas violated his probation by not following the
court mandates in his domestic battery charge. Dumas picked up a
driving with a suspended license charge in March 2021 and was found
guilty. After being signed by the UFC in August 2022, Dumas was
arrested in November on a DUI charge, which remains an open case at
the Escambia County Court.

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Criminal History Follows UFC Prospect Sedriques Dumas Into Octagon