Though it seems farfetched that Conor
ever competes for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship,
the former UFC two-division champion isn’t ruling out the

McGregor attended BKFC 41 on Saturday, which was one of the
promotion’s biggest events to date, and faced off with Mike Perry
in the ring after “Platinum” bested Luke
in the evening’s main event. McGregor reflected on
that appearance in a post on social media.

“Call me ‘slicey’ bare paw,” McGregor wrote. “Styles make fights.
As well as rulesets. As well as everything. If you are scared go to
church. I was called into the bare-knuckle ring last night. I fear
nothing. No man that breathes air. I only fear God and abide by God
and if God guides me to a professional bare-knuckle fight in my
time for my new world title, I do.”

“Great night last night. It’s real interesting out there for sure.
Congrats to the fighters. Two of my old foes [Eddie
and Chad Mendes]
competed in a barn buster and a guy who ‘Cowboy’ [Donald
] submitted in a round is now the man in this sport
beating a former middleweight world champion. Incredible.

“Think about that for a second. Understand that as fans what
fighting is. Take note of it. What fighting is, is a new day every
day. Every fight with every person on every given day. Is
different. It’s why I love it so much. It’s why I respect it so
much. Fighting is different.”

For his part, Perry seemed to appreciate McGregor’s presence and
willingness to face off after his main event triumph.

“He likes to box too,” Perry said at the BKFC 41 post-fight press
conference. “We could throw hands. And he gave me a faceoff. How
cool is that, bro? That’s what’s up. I’m real humble to be honest,
because I’ve been fighting a long time, I’ve been in some ups and
downs, some tough fights, and some things didn’t go my way way. And
these guys are coming over here fighting me at what seems to be my
best attributes. I got a chin, I got some hands, and his
bare-knuckle. Most people don’t like getting hit like that.”

McGregor recently filmed “The Ultimate Fighter 31” as a coach
opposite Michael
. The reality show will air this month, and the Irish
star is expected to face Chandler at a future UFC event, though a
date for that bout hasn’t been announced. As for a hypothetical
showdown with Perry, McGregor would have to move up in weight.
Ultimately, it’s merely entertaining speculation at best.

“This fight took place in the 185 [pound] division,” McGregor
wrote. “I’ve not fought at that weight before but I can get there
nicely as a refrigerator freezer. For sure. Who knows but God and I
trust God.”

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Conor McGregor Reflects on Possibility of Competing in BKFC