ASHBURN, Va. — Washington Commanders quarterback Taylor Heinicke was minding his own business on the team plane, enjoying a beer — or two — on the ride home after beating the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday. That’s when teammates approached him, borrowing a bit started by the Minnesota Vikings.

“The next thing I know, guys start throwing chains on me,” Heinicke said. “I wasn’t going to stop them.”

Heinicke and the Commanders had just handed the Eagles their first loss of the season. A raucous locker room celebration, filled with the younger players singing and dancing to blaring songs by Meek Mill, carried over to the plane ride home.

“It was fun,” Heinicke said. “We just had a big win and we were trying to enjoy it on the plane.”

Players recorded Heinicke wearing the chains and sipping Busch Light and took pictures of him with defensive end Chase Young, one of his most ardent supporters. There was no dancing, as Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins did on their team plane after their past two road wins, but there was smiling and laughing.

Then he added about the chains: “I didn’t notice how heavy those things were.”



The Commanders hype up Taylor Heinicke as he puts on some impressive jewelry on the plane ride back to Washington.

The good vibes carried over into Tuesday when Heinicke celebrated in his traditional way: buying Air Jordans after a win in the colors of the team the Commanders beat, thanks to the $125,000 bonus he pockets for each victory. Only this time, Heinicke added a twist. On “The Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday, Heinicke said he might buy his linemen Jordans as well. Then he did so.

“I was trying to keep it a little surprise,” Heinicke said. “They’ve been busting their ass all year, they need to be compensated for that. I ordered some Js for the starting line this past week. Heck, if they keep doing that they’ll be getting some more.”

While Heinicke ordered a pair of Metallic Green Air Jordan 4s, he did not order the same for the linemen. “I can’t spend that much money,” he said, laughing. “But I got them cool ones that have the Eagles’ colors.”

When Heinicke arrived in Washington in December 2020, he said he owned two pairs of shoes: one Vans and one Converse. Players told him he needed more swag. Last year, before he started buying shoes after each win, he owned 20 pairs.

“Now I have too many pairs,” he said. “It’s a fun tradition.”

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Commanders’ Heinicke buys Air Jordans after win vs. Eagles

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