With a title shot against Leon
on the horizon, Colby
was awarde his black belt by coach Daniel Valverde
this past week.

According to Valverde, Covington earned that status in the gym.

“He was giving a hard time to most of my black belts,” Valverde
told Sherdog.com. “It’s been four years training almost everyday
with us at MMA Masters. Jiu-Jitsu with and without the gi [and]
judo. He is highly technical and deserves it for sure.”

Valverde also revealed that he, Covington and MMA Masters co-owner
Cesar Carneiro are launching a new combat sport dubbed Xtreme Dirty

“Xtreme Dirty Boxing consists of boxing with elbows and muay thai
clinches,” Valverde said. “Four rounds of three minutes with
six-ounce gloves. Also it´s not permitted to go more than three
seconds without action. Colby is our partner in that

The plan is to hold the promotion’s first event in Bahia (Brazil),
Puerto Rico or Miami.

“Our idea is make an event pitting Brazilian fighters against
American fighters,” he said. “The rules are already approved by
Florida’s athletic commission. We had a couple of meetings, and it
will probably be broadcast by UFC Fight Pass. As soon as we get
everything confirmed, I´ll let you know.”  

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Colby Covington Receives Black Belt, Plans to Launch New Promotion with Coaches