After back-to-back losses in the Octagon, Bruno Silva
returned to the win column last Saturday by knocking out Brad
at UFC
Fight Night 222

“I’ve never been good on strategy, but this time every step was
planned with my trainer, Andre Dida. I didnt want to brawl. My
focus was in finding the right distance and getting to Tavares in
the cage, and that’s what I did,” Silva said in an interview with
the UFC Fight Pass Brazil reporter Evelyn Rodrigues.

Silva is known for asking announcer Bruce Buffer to dance with him
in the Octagon after his victories, and he showed his sense of
humor by speaking directly to the UFC Fight Pass team in the Sao
Paulo Studio — Andre Azevedo, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Carlão
Barreto — and asking them to dance to they rhythm he calls “Axe
Thai.” Silva’s happiness proved to be contagious, as the studio
team stood up and danced in a funny moment. The Axe Thai dance
excited the fans and soon became a big source of memes that invaded
Brazilian MMA social media.

Meanwhile, Silva declined to call out an opponent for his next UFC

“For the first time in my life I want to relax a little bit
and have fun with my family,” he said.

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Bruno Silva Shares Humorous Moment with UFC Fight Pass Brazil Studio Team