The International Boxing Association has filed an official complaint to the Boxing Independent Integrity Unit against the individuals and entities involved in the creation of a new world boxing federation, it said Wednesday.

Earlier this month, a group including the United States and Britain announced a new world boxing federation in a breakaway aimed at securing the troubled sport’s Olympic future.

Leaders of Swiss-registered World Boxing said they would seek recognition from the International Olympic Committee. The Russian-led IBA, which was suspended by the IOC in 2019, has denounced the move.

“Following the announcement of the establishment of the rogue international boxing organization, the IBA has initiated a series of actions that are designed to provide absolute clarity to all boxing stakeholders regarding the autonomy of the IBA as the global governing body of boxing,” the IBA said. “The IBA strongly condemns the efforts of individuals to damage the significant strides taken by the IBA over the last few years to secure boxers’ the best future possible.”

Reuters has requested comment from World Boxing.

Boxing’s place in the Olympics after next year’s Paris Games remains uncertain, with the sport not on the initial program for Los Angeles 2028 pending reforms demanded by the IOC.

The IBA — suspended over governance, finance, refereeing and ethical issues — was stripped of involvement in the Tokyo Olympics and qualifiers for Paris 2024.

Boxing has been a part of every Olympics since 1904, with the exception of Stockholm 1912 because the sport was banned in Sweden at the time. Women’s boxing was added in 2012.

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Boxing groups square off with IBA irked at ‘rogue’ start-up