isn’t done with mixed martial arts just yet.

“The Spider” discussed the possibility shortly after the premiere
of the film “Murder
which launched on Friday and features a cast that
includes the former UFC middleweight champion. In an interview with
Brazilian outlet
, Silva revealed that a farewell MMA bout in Japan
is in the works.

“We have a proposal and we are negotiating with Japan. There will
definitely be something cool for the fans,” Silva said. “I can’t
give spoilers. But what we are actually negotiating in relation to
MMA is my last fight in Japan. Because it has everything to do with
it, it’s where I started my international career, where I won my
first world title, in Shooto. I think it has everything to do with
ending my career in Japan.”

The most dominant middleweight champion in UFC middleweight history
also discussed the current state of the division. He does not
approve of Alex
’s decision to leave the weight class after losing the
belt in a rematch against Israel
at UFC 281 this past April. Pereira will make his
light heavyweight debut against Jan
at UFC 291.

“In my view, the strategy he used to going up to light heavyweight
was a little wrong,” Silva said. “I think he should have stayed in
his division, regained the belt, then kept [the title] and in the
future, moved to light heavyweight.

“But he has his own business strategy together with his manager.
But Alex is a great friend, a guy who deserves all the best, who
has enormous potential to become a big UFC star and continue to
bring that joy to the Brazilian people.”

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Anderson Silva Reveals Plans for Farewell MMA Fight in Japan