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Check out all the fixtures and venues for the 2023 Women’s FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, including the knockout bracket.

What is the FIFA Women’s World Cup format?

The 32 teams were drawn into eight groups of four nations. The top two in each group will advance to the knockout rounds.

The competition then moves onto a round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final.

The tournament is being hosted by Australia and New Zealand from July 20 to Aug. 20.

FIFA Women’s World Cup fixtures

Kick-of times will be announced after the draw.

Group A playoff path: Cameroon, Portugal, Thailand
Group B playoff path: Chile, Haiti, Senegal
Group C playoff path: Chinese Taipei, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay
(Playoff ties to be played in February)


Thursday, July 20
Group A: New Zealand vs. Norway – (Eden Park, Auckland)
Group B: Australia vs. Republic of Ireland – (Sydney Football Stadium)

Friday, July 21
Group A: Philippines vs. Switzerland – (Forsyth Barr, Dunedin)
Group B: Nigeria vs. Canada – (Melbourne Rectangular)
Group C: Spain vs. Costa Rica – (Wellington Regional)

Saturday, July 22
Group C: Zambia vs. Japan – (Waikato, Hamilton)
Group D: England vs. Group B playoff winners – (Lang Park, Brisbane)
Group D: Denmark vs. China – (Perth Rectangular)
Group E: United States vs. Vietnam – (Eden Park, Auckland)

Sunday, July 23
Group E: Netherlands vs. Group A playoff winners – (Forsyth Barr, Dunedin)
Group F: France vs. Jamaica – (Sydney Football Stadium)
Group G: Sweden vs. South Africa – (Wellington Regional)

Monday, July 24
Group F: Brazil vs. Group C playoff winners – (Hindmarsh, Adelaide)
Group G: Italy vs. Argentina – (Eden Park, Auckland)
Group H: Germany vs. Morocco – (Melbourne Rectangular)

Tuesday, July 25
Group A: New Zealand vs. Philippines – (Wellington Regional)
Group A: Switzerland vs. Norway – (Waikato, Hamilton)
Group H: Colombia vs. South Korea – (Sydney Football Stadium)

Wednesday, July 26
Group B: Canada vs. Republic of Ireland – (Perth Rectangular)
Group C: Spain vs. Zambia – (Eden Park, Auckland)
Group C: Japan vs. Costa Rica – (Forsyth Barr, Dunedin)

Thursday, July 27
Group B: Australia vs. Nigeria – (Lang Park, Brisbane)
Group E: United States vs. Netherlands – (Wellington Regional)
Group E: Group A playoff winners vs. Vietnam – (Waikato, Hamilton)

Friday, July 28
Group D: England vs. Denmark – (Sydney Football Stadium)
Group D: China vs. Group B playoff winners – (Hindmarsh, Adelaide)
Group G: Argentina vs. South Africa – (Forsyth Barr, Dunedin)

Saturday, July 29
Group F: France vs. Brazil – (Lang Park, Brisbane)
Group F: Group C playoff winners vs. Jamaica – (Perth Rectangular)
Group G: Sweden vs. Italy – (Wellington Regional)

Sunday, July 30
Group A: Switzerland vs. New Zealand – (Forsyth Barr, Dunedin)
Group A: Norway vs. Philippines – (Eden Park, Auckland)
Group H: Germany vs. Colombia – (Sydney Football Stadium)
Group H: South Korea vs. Morocco – (Hindmarsh, Adelaide)

Monday, July 31
Group B: Canada vs. Australia – (Lang Park, Brisbane)
Group B: Republic of Ireland vs. Nigeria – (Melbourne Rectangular)
Group C: Japan vs. Spain – (Wellington Regional)
Group C: Costa Rica vs. Zambia – (Waikato, Hamilton)

Tuesday, Aug. 1
Group D: China vs. England – (Hindmarsh, Adelaide)
Group D: Group B playoff winners vs. Denmark – (Perth Rectangular)
Group E: Group A playoff winners vs. United States – (Eden Park, Auckland)
Group E: Vietnam vs. Netherlands – (Forsyth Barr, Dunedin)

Wednesday, Aug. 2
Group F: Group C playoff winners vs. France – (Sydney Football Stadium)
Group F: Jamaica vs. Brazil – (Melbourne Rectangular)
Group G: Argentina vs. Sweden – (Waikato, Hamilton)
Group G: South Africa vs. Italy – (Wellington Regional)

Thursday, Aug. 3
Group H: South Korea vs. Germany – (Lang Park, Brisbane)
Group H: Morocco vs. Colombia – (Perth Rectangular)


Friday, Aug. 5
49 – Winners of Group A vs. Runners-up of Group C – (Eden Park, Auckland)
50 – Winners of Group C vs. Runners-up of Group A – (Wellington Regional)

Saturday, Aug. 6
51 – Winners of Group E vs. Runners-up of Group G – (Sydney Football Stadium)
52 – Winners of Group G vs. Runners-up of Group E – (Melbourne Rectangular)

Sunday, Aug. 7
53 – Winners of Group B vs. Runners-up of Group D – (Stadium Australia, Sydney)
54 – Winners of Group D vs. Runners-up of Group B – (Lang Park, Brisbane)

Monday, Aug. 8
55 – Winners of Group F vs. Runners-up of Group H – (Hindmarsh, Adelaide)
56 – Winners of Group H vs. Runners-up of Group F – (Melbourne Rectangular)


Thursday, Aug. 11
57 – Winners of 49 vs. Winners of 51 – (Wellington Regional)
58 – Winners of 50 vs. Winners of 52 – (Eden Park, Auckland)

Friday, Aug. 12
59 – Winners of 53 vs. Winners of 55 – (Lang Park, Brisbane)
60 – Winners of 54 vs. Winners of 56 – (Stadium Australia, Sydney)


Monday, Aug. 15
61 – Winners of 57 vs. Winners of 58 – (Eden Park, Auckland)

Tuesday, Aug. 16
62 – Winners of 59 vs. Winners of 60 – (Stadium Australia, Sydney)


Friday, Aug. 19
63 – Losers of 61 vs. Losers of 62 – (Lang Park, Brisbane)


Saturday, Aug. 20
64 – Winners of 61 vs. Winners of 62 – (Stadium Australia, Sydney)

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2023 Women’s World Cup finals bracket and fixtures schedule

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